View Template Jig Diagram PNG. The plate jig are employed to drill holes in large parts, maintaining accurate spacing with each other. In place of simple holes, drill bushes are provided in the plate to guide the drill.

Classifications of Drilling Jigs | Informational Encyclopedia
Classifications of Drilling Jigs | Informational Encyclopedia from

Getting the dimensions of the fcg correct is crucial to your build, and we wanted to provide an inexpensive option. Here is a step by step tutorial to make a wire jig: Layout templates are made from 1/16 clear modified acrylic.

Although these are some available jigs and fixtures in the market.

1.1 page 7 drilling selector, hammer, and trigger pin holes prior to drilling these holes make sure the jig is flat on the drill press table. The work piece can be clamped to the plate and holes can be drilled. This type of jigs can be fit over, on or into the workpiece template jigs(circular) rectangular template jigs. Crosscut jigs, ripping jigs and more!

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