16+ Blank Leaf Structure Diagram Background. The presence of pigment 'chlorophyll' makes the leaf green in color that helps to prepare food in plants through photosynthesis. The table below summarizes the structures which build leaves.

Plant Leaf Label - ClipArt Best
Plant Leaf Label – ClipArt Best from www.clipartbest.com

Plants adapt in order to efficiently collect raw materials required for photosynthesis. Note how the leaves of red maple ( acer rubrum) are arranged to efficiently capture light. It is where photosynthesis takes place.

The structure of a leaf put the following terms into the correct positions on the diagram:

Has many air spaces between its cells which allows for oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapour to move around the leaf. The leaf tissues are divided into three fundamental systems. Stoma guard cell spongy mesophyll chloroplast upper epidermis lower epidermis waxy cuticle palisade mesophyll use the terms above to fill in the gaps in the sentences below: Parts of a leaf, their structure and functions with diagram.

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